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The process of solar module includes the following steps:

  1. Sorting - solar cells are sorted into different performance groups, current groups at load voltage
  2. Soldering - solder the strings of cells of same performance group, interconnected with metal ribbons
  3. Stringing – put the cells in a line and complete a cell circuit by soldering buss ribbons to connect the strings together and provide output leads
  4. Circuit bussing – put different lines of cell circuit on a sequence with same space between, then do circuit bussing
  5. Lay up – cut the EVA, fiberglass, and back cover to length and assemble them with the glass and cell circuits after visually inspecting and electrically testing the module circuit by measuring its dark I-V characteristics
  6. Lamination & Curing – put the module in the laminator and then curing oven
  7. Attaching J-box - attaching a junction box at the back side.
  8. Simulation test - Electrically test the module performance by measuring current-voltage curve under simulated sunlight.
  9. Framing & assembling J-box - proceed through final assembly, including edge trimming, installing an edge gasket and frame, and attaching a junction box at the back side.
  10. Cleaning - washing, rinsing, and drying the glass superstrate
  11. Flash test - perform a high voltage isolation test to guarantee voltage isolation between the cell circuit and the module frame.
  12. Packing
  13. Module out