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Add:1# Plant 1A,2A-2,No.18 Xiangming Road,Xiamen Torch Hi-tech(Xiang'an)Industrial Zone,Fujian Province,China
Post Code:361102

    Nov. Obtain Frameless module TUV certificate.
    Aug. Obtain TUV Factory evaluation with Grade A.
    Jun. Short-string designation TUV certificate.
    Mar. obtained the Sanvic EVA TÜV certificate.
    Feb. obtained the MCS certificate for 30w~290w M6/S6 modules.
    Jan. Obtained CSA certificate for 200~240W M6/S6 black modules.
    Dec. Ranking 26 enterprises in Xiamen import & export.
    Dec. Reached production capacity 200MW.
    Dec. Launched 2nd automated combined tabbing-stringer (CTS).
    Nov. Obtained TÜV certificate for 240~290W M/S6 modules. 
    Oct. Re-issued ROHS certificate.
    Oct. Obtained TÜV certificate for oven process.
    Aug. Obtained TÜV certificate for 30~235W M6 3BB modules.
    Jul. Obtained UL certificate for 120~145W, 160~195W M6 modules.
    Jul. Obtained UL certificate for 70~90W, 150~185W S5 modules.
    May. Obtained CSA certificate for 200~240w S6 Modules.
    Feb. Launched 1st automated combined tabbing-stringer (CTS).
    Feb. Obtained the TÜV certificate for 40~235w S6 modules.
    Jan. Employees over 1200.
    Dec. Ranking 47 enterprises in Xiamen import & export.
    Dec. Reached production capacity 100MW.
    Obtained CE Certificate for 1w~245w S6 modules.
    Nov. Obtained CEC Australia for 40~235 M/S6 modules.
    Nov. UL IPI for new address passed.
    Nov. Extended CSA certified M6 module to 200w~240w.
    Oct. Obtained 5400Pa mechanical load certificate.
    Sep. Obtained CSA certificate for 220W M6 modules. 
    Sep. Obtained UL certificate for 200~230W M6 modules.
    Sep. Obtained FSEC certificate for 210~230W M6 modules.
    Aug. Reissued RoHS certificate.
    Aug. Obtained TÜV certificate for BIPV 235~280W M6 modules.
    Jul. Obtained CEC California for 210~230W M6 modules.
    Jul. passed the Factory Inspection and obtained TÜV certificate for 40w~235W M6 modules.
    Jul. Obtained TÜV certificate for 150w~180w S5 modules.
    Mar. Obtained CE certificate for 1w~245w M6 modules.
    Apr. Obtained TÜV certificate for BIPV 205W~245W S5 modules.
    Jan. Merged into PE group.
    Jan. Employees over 800.
    Dec. Reached production capacity 50MW.
    Oct. Established 2nd factory and had 1 production line in use.
    Aug. Reissued RoHS certificate.
    Apr. UL factory Inspection passed. 
    Mar. Obtained IEC61215 (ED2) certificate for 150~180W S5 modules from ASU.
    Jan. Employees over 500.
    Sep. Established 1st factory and had 2 production lines in use.
    Aug. Obtained UL certificate for 85W, 160W, 170W S5 module. 
    Feb. Obtained IEC61215 (ED1) certificate for 150~180W S5 module from ASU.
    Aug. Obtained RoHS certificate.
    Mar. Launched IEC certificate for standard products.
    Apr. Obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate.
    Apr. Obtained CE certificate (S5).
    Jan. Employees over 100.
    May. Started module production and launched products to market. 
    Dec. Jumao established in Xiamen, Fujian, China